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This excerpt is shared from the Final Fantasy Wikia. It is not canon, but used by many RP'ers. No text is being changed

Fans have established that a child with a Seeker of the Sun father and Keeper of the Moon mother would be difficult to name due to conflicting rules. The names of both parents are impossible to reflect in a daughter apart from directly passing either parent's forename down as a forename, although you can at least include the tribal prefix. However, for a male you can take the tribal prefix from the father and both names of the mother, and hopefully circumstances will allow you to disregard the numbering suffix of the first name.

As the Seekers of the Sun are diurnal (night sleepers) and the Keepers of the Moon are nocturnal (day sleepers), the parents of such a child would be a rare. It is also likely that these parents could easily opt to use the rules of either tribe (or neither, if they so choose). Likewise, if the child is orphaned before they could be named, he or she will likely take a name based on the people (Miqo'te or otherwise) that raise them. The parents and child may be also be shunned by both tribes, depending on their stance on inter-tribal breeding.

Beispiel Bearbeiten

Example Parents: K'tyaka Nunh and Okhi Nbolo

Male Child

  • K'okhi Nbolo - cleanly combines the father's tribal prefix with the mother's full name.
  • K'okhi'a Nbolo - includes the numerical suffix (see above).
  • K'okhi Tia - adheres to Seeker of the Sun traditions and limits the maternal influence.

Female Child

  • K'name Nbolo - (where "name" is a placeholder for the individual name) uses the father's tribal prefix and the mother's surname.
  • K'tyaka Nbolo - uses the father's forename and adheres more closely to Keeper of the Moon traditions, but with the inclusion of the tribal prefix.
  • K'okhi Tyaka - uses the mother's forename and adheres more closely to Seeker of the Sun traditions.

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